Acrylic - African Planes-wildlife  Weds 19th & 26th  Oct 7-9pm

Acrylic - African Planes-wildlife Weds 19th & 26th Oct 7-9pm

Acrylic Painting - African Planes and wildlife

With Fiona Ní Ghliasáin

October Live Online Classes

Wednesday evenings 5th and 12th October 7pm-9pm


This online course is the fourth in a series of two week classes focusing on different aspects of nature based painting. All of the classes are interconnected and you can choose to engage with all or choose the blocks that you feel are most suited to your needs as an artist. The classes are guided and run in a relaxed manner so that you can develop at your own speed. These classes are guided online classes and are not recorded.


This two week course will focus on African planes and looking at animals in greater detail.  Tones of colour used in the African landscape. Drawing grasses within the painting Looking at light and shaddows and how these are impotant in creating structure in your painting. This course is connected to the previous course" Under African Skies" Both courses will offer a unique perspective into different aspects of African landscapes and skies.


All of these classes are taught in a relaxed guided manner, with the aim of allowing you to develop your own artistic style, at a pace that best suits you.


Materials list:

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow

Burnt Umber

Titanium White

Hookers Green

Sap Green

Lamp black

Ultramarine Blue



Medium Filbert brush

Wash brush

Medium Round brush

 Small Detail brush


Primed canvas or canvas bord. Bring a few with you or something to practice techniques before using the main canvas

Jar of water

Cloth or tissue


 If you do not have all of these don't worry, bring what you can.


 You can check out Fiona's work here:


Anyone under the age of fourteen needs to be accompanied by a guardian.

Special rate available for two participants from one household.

48 Hours notice of cancelation is needed before the commencment of the course for a refund. If you cannot make it to one of the classes I will accomodate you as best possible in another one of the courses.



Fiona Ní Ghliasáin is a Professional Artist and Photographer and a Merrion Square Artist. Fiona Studied in both Crawford College of Art and Design and Grennan Mill and has First Class Honors in Fine art and Craft Design. She is a professional member of Visual artists Ireland and a member of The Design and Crafts council of Ireland and the made local campaign.