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Dyeing with Jacquard Acid dyes. Class 1 of 4 Dye Series - Nov 7th 10.30am

Dyeing with Jacquard Acid dyes. Class 1 of 4 Dye Series - Nov 7th 10.30am

Takes place Tuesday Nov 7th at @10.30am to 1.30pm on Herbert Road. Bray.

Parking available

40 euros

Please note the cost of the class includes a materials pack of wool and silk.

Tutor Sharon Wells

Acid dyes are highly concentrated, powdered dye colours. They are used to dye wool, silk, feathers, nylon and protein fibres. They don't dye cotton or linen. The colours are vibrant and colourfast. Acid dyes are ideal for dyeing wool at any stage, raw fibre, spun yarn, wool fabric.

This is a hands on class.

You will learn how to dye a variety of wool and silk materials, how and when to add the dyes to achieve a solid colour or a complex variety of shades and colours, what to use as a fixative, how to tell if the process has worked.

A pack of materials will be provided but you are welcome to bring any suitable materials to try. You will also need a stainless steel medium sized saucepan or wok. Whatever utensils are used in dyeing should not be used for food. Separate dyeing equipment is essential.

In the interests of safety, gloves and anti dust masks will be provided. If anyone has a sensitivity to wool fibres and/or dust please contact me to discuss.

There are 8 places in this class. The class will take place in Herbert Road, Bray. The address and other information will be sent to you prior to the class. Suitable for beginners. Ideal for felters and spinners.

Please note this is one class in a series of four dyeing classes in November and for every extra class you book you will receive a refund of 5 euros as a discount.

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