Hand embroidery kit-Medieval Doorway

Hand embroidery kit-Medieval Doorway

This is a full embroidery kit for The Medieval Doorway print. This is from an original Illustration by Sharon Wells. 


 This is our first Embroidery kit in Our Craft on the Go with The Muddle kits.  Embroidery is one of the many crafts that we encourage to help bring calm to every day life and we hope you receive many benefits from doing this kit.   This is meant as an exploratory embroidery so you are encouraged to experiment with colours and designs.  You can bring this kit on the train, the bus, the car, to the beach, to the doctors appointment and anywhere you need it. Keeping the hands busy also calms the mind. 


Kit contains:

Embroidery hoop 20cm diameter

Printed fabric

Selection of various coloured embroidery threads

Chenille style needle (large eye embroidery needle)

And basic stitch instructions.