Rigid Heddle Loom weaving with Marie Ni Neachtain June 25th 10am-4pm

Rigid Heddle Loom weaving with Marie Ni Neachtain June 25th 10am-4pm

Learn how to set up the rigid heddle loom and make a scarf on the day.

Class 10am- 4pm at The Muddle, Bray 


This workshop is being taught by master weaver and textile enthusiast Maire Ni Neachtain. She is an active member of the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild. Maire has taught for many years and she makes and sells original, hand woven scarves all over Ireland. We are delighted to be welcoming her to teach with us at the Muddle. 


The looms will be provided on the day to use. You may bring your own yarn. Double knit weight is recommended. You can buy yarn at The Muddle also. We have a large selection of colours and types. 

Maire will have samples of weaves done on the rh looms, and also scarves which she has woven. She will also have some books on rh weaving, and some copies of Handwoven  magazine as well as Little Looms magazine, which feature rh weaving, for people to have a browse through.  She will also bring her fringe twister, for anyone who wants to do a twisted fringe on their scarf (my favourite finish) though it can be done manually too. She will also bring some yarns, if people want to add contrasts in small amounts.


There are many types of art yarn to choose from in the Muddle which will also add a bit of flair. Available in store only.


But you can browse and buy yarn online here 


This is going to be a very popular class and likely to sell out very quickly.