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Meet the Tutors

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Mary Daugherty 

Susie Kenny 

Susie Kenny is a self taught mixed media artist living and working in County Wicklow, Ireland. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin and worked as a fine art agent for ten years curating and promoting exhibitions in the Lad Lane Gallery and The Solomon Gallery in Dublin. It was through her work curating eclectic exhibitions that her passion to pursue her own artistic path was ignited.

Whilst working in mixed media a passion for creating sculptural forms in wire and stone emerged thematically based on the intricate patterning of bare winter trees. Using found objects of rocks, gemstones crystals, driftwood etc. Susie entwines these in a symbiotic relationship with the wire, reflecting the symbiotic relationship of the trees' root system with the earth.


Susie is a crafter with diverse interests in many media. From various printing forms, papermaking and leatherwork to soapmaking, jewellery and painting. She has taken part in regular group exhibitions.

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